25 Gb of Free Online Hard Drive Storage with Windows Skydrive

Now Microsoft SkyDrive provides you 25GB of free online storage with their Skydrive earliar it used to be 5 Gb. All you need is your Hotmail or Windows Live account to sign in and you can store any type of file to a Private, Public, or Shared folder. No one except you, with your log-in name and password, can access Private folders; anyone on the Internet can view your Public folders, but only people you invite can see Shared folders. You can restrict invitees’ access to certain Shared folders or grant them Contributor status for viewing, adding, modifying, and deleting items in a folder With SkyDrive you can even download your files in a zip format.You can also try their faster uploading tool which help in faster uploading.The only thing i didnt liked was their limit of uploading files lesser than 50 mb,which means you wont have much luxury to add your favourite movies or good videos in the skydrive.Bit as they have leaped from 5GB to 25 Gb storage ,lets hope that they will improve it further.To use Microsoft Skydrive you just need to have a Windows Live or a Hotmail account and you will be able to access all of it and its absolutely free,thats the most interesting part of it.


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