Google Calculations and Definitions

Google Search Engine, it’s a search and more.What do I mean by ‘and more’?Google Search Engine is constantly being improved and refined. So There’s alot of functions that’s not known to alot of people.Do you know Google has the capability to perform Calculations?Either from your Google Tool Bar or Google Website, type something like ’14*82′ and Google will quickly return the correct product of ‘1148’.Not only that, but Google can also perform more complex calculations such as (5+3)*2 (where the 5 and 3 need to be added before being multiplied by 2)Google can even do Scientific Calculations; example ‘sine(30 degrees)’ and Google will return ‘0.5’

Not only Calculations, Google can also do Converstions.How many Seconds are there in 20 Days?Just simply type something like ’20 Days in Seconds’ and Google will instantly return with ‘1728000 Seconds’! *Wow*

How many Inches are there in 10 Meters?Type ’10 Meters in Inches’ and Google will return ‘393.700787 Inches’.

Google is also able to do Currency Converstions.Type ’20USD in SGD’ and Google will return ‘29.0140167 Singapore dollars’

Other interesting type of Converstion Google includes:How many teaspoons of water is require to fill up a cup?Type ‘Half a Cup in Teaspoons’ and Google will return ’24 US teaspoons'(Although I’m not sure either how big is 1 US teaspoon)Another useful Features of Google is Definitions.Now you need not go or any other Dictionrary Websites to search for your Word Definitions!To see a Definition for a word or phrase, simply type the word “define”, then a space, and then the Word(s) you want Defined.If Google has seen a Definition for the word or phrase on the Web, it will retrieve that information and display it at the top of your search results.Example: ‘define Definitions’ and Google returns ‘A definition is a form of words which states the meaning of a term.’ as the top more Relevant Link on the Result List.

Google will even offer spelling suggestions if you typed the word incorrectly =)More information about Google Features is available at Google Web Search Features.Let us all make full use of Google Search Engine! Cheers!


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