Make your Invisible Yahoo friends visible..

Is your friend always hiding in Invisible mode? Do you want to check out what display image your friend is using eventhough he is offline? Then here is the perfect solution….

Xeeber is one of the very good site that I have came across, accurate all the time. All you have to do is to just enter your friends yahoo id and the site will display the rest. Your friends status and also his display image.
I have tested the site and it is working pretty good. See this is girl is hiding from a friend of mine.

xeeber find your invisible friends on yahoo

May be due to some heavy load this site seems to display a message ‘sever is busy for just few seconds’ sometimes.

Visit the site Xeeber
Here is another site that works like the same as Xeeber.VNGrabber is also working good. TESTED. If you know anyother sites like these do add them in the comments section.

invisible scanner find your invisible friends on yahoo
Visit the site Vngrabber

Hope these site come in handy to you….Go give your friends a surprise……


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